Over the last few months during the COVID-19 pandemic, The DeSoto County Dream Center has had the amazing privilege of helping thousands of people in our area who have been affected.

With over 2100 volunteers to date, the Dream Center has distributed 45,000+ food boxes. This equates to 1.3 million pounds of food to 67,000 people and counting.

We have packed and distributed 3,320 care bags to medical personnel at Baptist Memorial Hospital, OB Methodist Hospital, Parkwood Hospital and to our First Responders.

Twenty-one volunteers made 575 face masks - 310 masks for Life Fellowship Church and 275 masks for West TN State Penitentiary in Henning, TN.

Not only have we worked hard to be a blessing to so many, The Dream Center has been exponentially blessed with much-needed resources. More than 500 volunteers have come to serve with us for our special projects, daily operations and food distribution. There are several volunteers who have also stepped into consistent roles with our operations. We are receiving a new 26' Ford F260 box truck. We've also had a forklift and 2 pallet jacks donated to us during this time!

But the biggest gift we have experienced over the last few months has been the people we have served. Below are just a few of their stories:


  • The very first week a man came through our food distribution line.  He had just lost his job that very day. We prayed for him specifically to find a job and that God would take care of his finances.  He came back the next week and stopped to pray with myself and others. He had not only found a job at Walmart with benefits, but his brother-in-law also paid for his first year of college so he could further his education! We prayed with him again and specifically thanked God for answering that prayer!
  • A single mom come through the distribution line one night.  She said she has a 3 year old who has a trach, so she cannot come out in public at all right now. This mother had no food in the house, and she said this drive-thru was a way for her to get some food for her and her medically-compromised daughter.
  • A mother came through who did not speak much English. She had been through the line the previous week also, and we prayed with her. This week when she drove through the line, she had already typed her prayer request into her Google translator - so when she pulled up to our prayer station, she showed her request already typed on her phone so we could pray specifically for her.
  • We have had other single moms come through who were happy the schools were providing breakfast and lunch; however, the pickup hours are from 10a-12noon. Since they are at work during those times, they cannot get there to pick up the food. This has given them the opportunity to have meals for their children while they are out of school.
  • Several people have said they had not received their stimulus check; their food stamps were behind, and they had not received their tax refunds yet - so money has not been there. Some of these have been grandparents raising their grandkids - now having to homeschool them.
  • We have had a lot of pregnant women who are afraid to give birth during this time. One of them said last week...."I just felt like I should come get food for some reason. Then when I was on my way here, my husband called and said they just laid him off!" She is pregnant, and they have 2 other children.
  • I have had 5 different people pray for me after I had finished praying for them. I have been thanked more times than I can count.
  • One lady was having really bad leg pain last week, and I prayed for that. She came back the next week and said...."Ma'am, my leg pain is gone, so could you now pray for my tooth ache so that pain can also go away?"
  • During our very first week of distribution, one of the employees from KFC (in front of The Dream Center) walked over after we had already shut everything down; she had just gotten off work. She knocked on our door and asked if we could help her - she had just had her hours cut. We were able to provide her with a box of food, pray with her and encourage her.